Dear Manager, dear Coach,

We are proud to introduce a diagnostic procedure, newly adapted to football,
which provides special benefits in the selection and training of players, and team building.

The evaluation of the players and the team covers all important aspects of performance in football, and is based on the so-called "360-degree" diagnostic method, which has been established and widely used worldwide in other fields.

This football-oriented adaptation of the authentic and sensitive survey method relies on confidential peer evaluation and self-evaluation of the players, thereby utilising the intimate knowledge of the players on the team.

The method provides performance-oriented information on the players and the team, with a special emphasis on psychological factors.

The unique software, which can process more than 12,000 answers per survey, prepares a detailed report with colour diagrams, ranking orders and numerical evaluations covering the following areas:

The current condition of each player involving


tactical- mental
and other factors
The team as a whole
Sociometric relations


This questionnaire survey takes maximum 90 minutes.

The evaluation covers 29 aspects to reveal:

  • Strengths and weaknesses of the players and the team
  • Ranking orders within the team
  • Sympathy and popularity relations
  • The self-evaluation of players

Benefits of the survey include:

  • More accurate player evaluation facilitating individual-based training development.
  • More efficient design of team line-up, strategy and tactics.
  • Improved team and team component development.
  • Better planning of player transfer strategies.
  • The sociometric evaluation reveals the internal structure of the team and facilitates coaching.
  • The results of the evaluation strongly motivate the players to keep and improve their position in the team rankings.
  • Surveys conducted in the supply teams and other potential sources of transfers help the selection of the most talented players for recruitment.
After a change of coach, the procedure offers further benefits by reducing the time needed for the new coach to familiarise himself with the players.

The survey has been carried out by many Hungarian first class and junior teams. (e.g. MTK Budapest FC, Ferencvaros (FTC), ZTE FC, Vasas FC, Sopron FC)

The method is recommended by the Hungarian Football League.

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